Our Approach

Gold Ridge Asset Management is a small private equity firm, focused on investing in small companies on the East Coast of the United States. Gold Ridge typically seeks to partner with an entrepreneur who needs both a financial partner and a partner to provide business guidance and strategic support. We require that the entrepreneur is fully committed to the business, both in terms of time and financial commitment. We have no exit strategy and seek to be long term investors with the goal of achieving long term growth. We generally avoid any business that is overly complex or subject to technological obsolescence.

Gold Ridge seeks to fulfill a detailed set of criteria when evaluating potential new relationships, this helps us to identify the best matches to build ideal partnerships.
Typical attributes include:
               • Revenue between $500,000-$3,000,000
               • A stable or growing cash flow
               • Geographically located on the East coast of the US
               • Strong niche position
               • Predictable and stable demand for a product or service
               • A strong, proven manager or management team
               • Manager or management team with significant financial commitment to the business